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  1. An Open Letter to My Dad
  2. Inspirational funeral songs, music and poems.
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  4. I traveled home to see him, and all I could talk about was my belt.

Now I'm grounded because he's my dad and I have to do what he says. I wish I could go back in time and make sure I didn't use the ring on him. The only bright side to me being my teenage son is that he has a hot body.

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It's not as good as mine was but it will have to do for the time being. Last is just a blur. I remember coming home with the ring.

Thank You For Being My Dad

I waited till dinner to use it because I wanted to see his reaction of the transformation. As we were eating dinner and I put the ring on and stated that I wished to be my 13 year old son. I soon felt a weird sensation in my body. I felt like I was shrinking. My whole body was shrinking.

An Open Letter to My Dad

I develop an idea that I will interview him for some spurious work project and then with a recording device between us, talk to him about his life. I can tell him I'm thinking of writing something about the heatwave of I am always thinking of writing something about the heatwave of — that much is true. He sits staring intently at the TV screen. I sit in the rocking chair on the other side of the room, deleting emails on my iPhone. Four decades' worth of minimal, just about functional conversation has left us completely unprepared for this juncture, even though its arrival was one of the few certainties that could have been predicted.

Eventually, driven to the edge of agitation, I stand up and yell: "Look at the state on this belt. It is true that my belt has seen better days.

Inspirational funeral songs, music and poems.

What looked like leather under harsh TK Maxx lighting has revealed itself to be some kind of man-made material substitute that wears down in sections to a frayed, discolored mesh with little or no encouragement. It's clearly got less than a week of usefulness left in it. He almost leaps to action: "I've got a spare belt. You can have it. It's upstairs. In my mom and dad's room, he hands me a belt, still in its polythene wrapping.

I remove the old one and replace it. And we stand there for a while, a human Venn diagram. The year-old who only communicates freely by talking about driving and decorating, or by complaining about other people, and the year-old who only communicates freely by talking about music and complaining about his health, with the thin sliver of overlap represented by the presence of a brand new belt. He turns around and walks down the stairs, so I follow behind him. I can feel the air thickening between us into something that is almost tactile. I feel like I could punch a hole in the distance between us.

He pauses at the front room door and his hand doesn't reach the handle. Is he going to say something? I notice that his fingers are grabbing for the handle but are not reaching it, and I realize just in time that this is because he's falling backward. I catch him and then finally break the silence with two syllables: "Here you are.

Except I don't say, "Here you are. Later, when he's lying down upstairs, I have a cup of tea with my mom and it all comes out at once. His white blood cell count must have dropped right down. I was just relieved that the cancer board agreed to operate. I mean, he's Get our newsletter for the best of ABC Life each week. Reflecting now, with the gift of hindsight, I can imagine a quick and painless end that could have been but I'll never know what would have happened, had we not given Dad the intervention of the drip.

Dear Dad Thanks for being my Dad Dad Coffee Mug Funny Dad | Etsy

What I did learn from speaking with these doulas is that you can be empowered when facing death and that being informed is key to that. I was inspired to make a death plan, just as I'd made a birth plan for my births. Both of these events, it occurs to me, are life transition moments that, where possible, should be prepared for and considered sacred. And all that planning and being prepared is really so, in the moment, we can let go because ultimately, like birth, death will go any way it goes, despite the best laid plans. ABC Life helps you navigate life's challenges and choices so you can stay on top of the things that matter to you.

I traveled home to see him, and all I could talk about was my belt.

He'd had cancer for a long time but I still wasn't ready for this. On his second day in palliative care he started to lose his grip on this reality. I really felt like he was dying. I panicked and asked for a doctor to do something to help him. Saving and prolonging life isn't always helpful Seventy per cent of people want to die at home, but only 14 per cent do, according to end-of-life doula and educator Helen Callanan.

She says the medicalisation of death has become the norm in our culture. Posted 22 May May , updated 19 Aug August Preparing for your own death isn't as scary as you might think. Planning a funeral is tough. This is how to fulfil your loved one's final wishes. When their dad was dying, the Berry family called triple-0 six times.

Duration: 1 minute 53 seconds 1 m 53 s. Telling people you have cancer, and how to respond as a loved one. Candlesticks, trophies and mugs: 'Why I won't be putting off death cleaning'. Death doulas explain why everyone should have an end-of-life plan. What to expect when someone is dying.

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