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At the same time, it differs in its stronger connections to the German classics, the greater vitality of a macrosociological tradition in Germany, the prior existence of a "bridging" generation of economic sociologists, and its later consolidation in a period of neo-liberal globalization, all of which have given NES in the German-speaking world a distinctive character.

In addition, it has been influenced by successive waves of French economic sociology - Bourdieu, convention, and actor-network theory - and its bilingual academic tradition has ensured its integration into English-speaking NES. In its contribution to the sociology of markets, the fact that NES emerged later in Germany than in the US led to a greater concern with quality markets rather than commodity markets, and a concomitantly greater attention to issues of value and price.

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Nathalie Descamps

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Spin excitations in a single La2CuO4 layer , M. Dean, R. Springell, C. Zhou, J. Pereiro, I. Dalla Piazza, H. Morenzoni, J. Schlappa, K.

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wellen - English translation in English - Langenscheidt dictionary German-English

Strocov, L. Hozoi, C.

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